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A brief history of the area
Green Lanes or "The Green Lanes" appears on the very oldest maps of London (eg John Rocque 1741). Within the area of what is now the park (the eponymous Finsbury Park) there was a wood called Hornsey Wood. There was a manor house close to the pond called Hornsey Wood House which is no longer extant but which is clearly shown in the Cruchley map of 1828. By 1858 this house appears to have become the original Hornsey Wood Tavern which was certainly at the south end of Hornsey Wood within the present boundaries of the Park. The present Alexandra Bar (formerly until 2005, the Hornsey Wood Tavern) must have been built after the Seven Sisters Road was pushed through which had been done by 1858.
Some years ago an active resident's association for the triangle bounded by Green Lanes, Seven Sisters Road and the filter beds, tried to revive the name Hornsey Wood for this area by calling themselves the Hornsey Wood Residents' Association, although the name never passed into general usage. However the area was in the old parish of Hornsey and in the South Hornsey Urban District.
The Post Office London Directory map of 1858 shows the Seven Sisters Road but there are no houses on it south of the Park. There were still none by 1862. However, by 1877 there were houses on the south side of Seven Sisters Road between Manor House and Blackstock Road but no building within the triangle. Adolphus Road was laid out between 1877 and 1879. The other roads in the triangle were all built about the same time since the Hutchings and Crowsley map of 1880 shows them all.
Some time between 1930 and 1946 the neighbouring Portland Road, Alexandra Road and Gloucester Road became respectively a Rise, a Grove and a Drive. This was probably to avoid the duplication of names in other parts of london.
During the last war the area around the filter beds suffered extensive damage as the Germans tried to disrupt London's water supply. The nearest Council estates in Portland Rise, Woodberry Down and Princess Crescent were all built in the 1950's on sites flattened by the Luftwaffe. So far as we know there is no evidence of bomb damage in Adolphus Road itself.