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A brief history of the house
Twenty-nine Adolphus Road appears to have been completed in 1879 or perhaps in the previous year and acquired by the Church Commissioners.
The first lessee was one Henry Adolphus Wickes who is believed to have built all the houses in the street and the surrounding streets. His role must have been significant enough to have two of the streets named after him: Henry Road and Adolphus Road. It appears he held the head lease and sublet the house to various sub-lessees. Over the next eighty years many people lived in the house as tenants. By the 1950's it had become cheap rented accommodation.
In 1957, a relation of Henry Wickes, May Woodward, bought the freehold from the Church Commissioners. Her son, Derek bought the house from her in 1971 and carried out the conversions which were completed in 1975. Derek Woodward retained the freehold and lived in Flat 7 until the early 1980's. The lessees formed the Twenty-nine Adolphus Road Limited management company and bought the freehold in 1989.
In 1901 a photographer called Edgar Salomon, then 29, was living in the house.
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